Alex Sheridan - Positive Flow

Even though Alex Sheridan never learned to play a power chord or took a piano lesson growing up, it was clear that he was musically inclined when he pressed play on the simple tape recorder he used to carry everywhere. It held the product of countless hours of recording loud stomps and clicks strung together into what would be his first set of beats.

“I would just record whatever noises sounded interesting to me,” Sheridan says. “It took forever, and if I remember right, it sounded pretty horrible. I’ve come a little further since then.”

Now Sheridan puts his beats together on a computer accompanied with samples, original recordings, his rhymes and more recently, platinum selling hip-hop artists. His serious interest in rap and hip-hop started a couple of years ago when he wanted people to hear his beats and realized the best way to do it would be to start rapping himself. The only thing was, he wanted to make sure it wasn’t laced with the typical gangster attitude.
“My music is really different than what most rappers are putting out,” Sheridan says. “I try to make sure every track that I make is really positive and makes you bob your head.”

On his forthcoming effort, “On Top of the World,” Sheridan mixes and mashes every genre with tracks featuring accapella groups, banjo and a raucous fiddle played by a member of Lonestar. Through online beat-swapping, Sheridan was able to get members of the Nappy Roots, Whodini, Cupid and rapper SkeeLo to make appearances on the album. Sheridan is more than pleased with the record so far.

“When I started making beats and rapping, I just wanted to do something that I liked,” Sheridan says. “I never thought it would get as far as it has, it’s been amazing.”

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