Alwood Sisters - Let it Grow

The room housing the record player was always the center
of the universe for the Alwood family growing up. Digging
deep into their mother’s extensive music collection and
listening to whatever fit the mood was as regular as flipping
on the lights. It wasn’t uncommon for the two Alwood
sisters to be dancing and laughing in front of the mirror as
their favorite choruses and chords from all the greats poured
out of the record player’s speakers and into their inspiration.
“It’s funny when we listen back to what we’ve recorded
now and see so many of those influences,” Meagan Alwood
says. “You can hear The Beatles in little parts, or Fleetwood
Mac, but it really wasn’t intentional, it just kind of came out
sounding that way.”
Amy and Meagan Alwood have been playing music since
they were little and surrounded by it in their household.
Many family members, including their father, who was in
Columbus bands like the Gears in the ’70s, and their
mother and uncle, played music in some form, and it
was inescapable for them not to do the same. After
playing in band after band, they finally formed the
Alwood Sisters together.
“Meagan was living in New York for awhile and she recorded
these amazing songs on her own,” Amy says. “Those are
really what became a lot of the songs that make up the
new record.”
With Meagan back in Columbus with Amy, the two sisters
commissioned their two brothers, Jovan and Milan Karcic,
to make up the band that is now the Alwood Sisters. They
went to work putting the finishing touches on the indie
classic rock that would define their debut album, The Black
Falcon and the Forest Spirit, after a long recording process.
Filled with catchy classic rock hooks, accompanied with
sometimes haunting vocals, piano and spacey guitar, it
should hit shelves very shortly.
“People look at a band with girls in it, and they won’t say
they rock unless they are Joan Jett or something,” Amy says.
“I think we have slower moments, but there are definitely
moments of rock in there, too.”
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