Main St. Gospel - Psychedelic Blues

The heavy jangly jam that can sometimes be associated with sideburn-laden West Coast rock of decades past mixed with Chicago blues is the hallmark of what the Main Street Gospel has been putting down for years in the Columbus rock scene. Traces of the three good friends’ record collections can be found throughout their music, from the Byrds to Neil Young. However unintentional it may be, it happens, and the sound is good, no doubt.

“It’s really not on purpose,” says singer and guitarist Barry Dean. “I don’t think there is any way to keep the music that you really love from finding its way into the music you’re making yourself. It’s just always going to be rolling through your head.”

The band started churning out their psychedelic blues in 2005 when Dean moved back from California and started playing with his good friend, bassist Ryan “Tito” Ida. A year later, they added drummer Adam Scoppa and started playing shows around Columbus and beyond. Since then, they have made the trip to music festival South by Southwest, (Did they play there?) finished up recording their first full-length and have been signed by Tee Pee Records out of New York after being discovered by a like-minded band.
“After playing with Hopewell we got contacted by Tee Pee, which was great because we listened to so many bands on that label over the years,” says Dean. “It’s been great for us all around; the record came out great.”

The recording process for their debut, Love Will Have Her Revenge, was held up by technical drama and other constraints, but will finally be out on June 29. Dean describes the record as being better, and “different” than their previous recordings lyrically and just all around. He considers the lyrics to be one of the most important aspects of their music and injects that kind of honesty of his experiences into all of the music he creates. It’s what really makes a good song.