The Floorwalkers - Promising Tracks

The cogs of the well-oiled interchangeable local rock machine known as The Floorwalkers are as diverse and unique as each member of the group’s musical backgrounds. One song could be tilted in more of a funk direction, one could push a rock/jazz breakdown, but as far a they are concerned, it’s all soul to them.

“We try to make sure that no matter what direction the music we are putting out, that it’s got a lot of soul to it,” says Jonathan Elliott, lead vocalist. “That’s really what we try to bring out when we are on stage.”

The Floorwalkers have been playing the stages of central Ohio and beyond for years after the core members of the group moved from Chardon, a suburb of Cleveland, for college and ended up playing acoustic sets around campus. Elliott, along with Kerry Henderson, guitars; Ben Meinhold, bass; Theo Perry, guitars; Tom Lasky, drums; and Todd Hamric, piano and organ, have evolved into a soulful six-headed rock monster, with a diverse arsenal and strong following.

“We consider ourselves at the most basic, a roots rock band,” says Henderson. “There aren’t really a lot of groups out there today that really stick to the traditional American rock formula; that’s what we really try to stay true to.”

With a band that sometimes includes the likes of a mandolin, a Dobro, an upright bass, spoons and a harmonica, and members who can play and write on multiple instruments, there is no shortage of inspiration or direction. The Floorwalkers draw a lot from groups like The Band and The Allman Brothers and certainly show it in their occasional jams ripe with impressive guitar solos and heartfelt lyrics, all of which they have been trying to capture in a studio for the good part of three years and are finally wrapping up.

The Floorwalkers’ first full-length is due out next month and promises to be a good mix of the old and the new of the best of the band has been putting out on the stage for years.

“It was really kind of frustrating how long it took to put the album together,” says Elliott. “While we were recording it, other bands would start and finish recording records. We took a little longer, but we are very happy with how it ended up.”

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Influences: The Allman Brothers. The Band, Elvis Presley
Sounds like: The Black Crowes, The Faces, and Jamiroquai