Joey Hebdo - Ride the Flow

After listening to Joey Hebdo speak about his three-year stint away from Ohio, it’s absolutely clear that his period of traveling up and down the West Coast of the U.S. was both the greatest time of his life and the most important for him musically. What started as a stab at stardom with a group of friends became an artistic rite of passage dotted by exposure to new perspectives on music and art while doing odd jobs to get by. His album Prosciutto is a musical documentary of his feelings during this era on display for anyone who cares to listen.

“When I look at this record and these song titles, I kind of just see the what they are about,” Hebdo says. “These are all things that have been going around my head forever and I just want to get them out of there.”

Not quick to be lumped in with the singer/songwriter masses, Hebdo has been churning out catchy and sometimes folksy rock music that purposely changes styles and paces from song to song. Hebdo will try anything once as long as it sounds good to him. As seen by his new writing style, music literally flows through him onto your standard tape recorder in a stream of conscious.

“Most of the songs on the album Prosciutto came to me in one session with a recorder,” Hebdo says. “It just seemed like I had it all stacking up inside me and I had to let it out before it disappeared.”

The freedoms of writing music on his own without having to weigh everyone else’s opinions in a band have allowed Hebdo the freedoms of being able to approach music in ways that don’t hold him back. He has an ultra-motivated mindset that can be seen from his hand designed album cover to his super-quickly released Live at Rumba album. Upon his return to Columbus, he’s garnered a lot of attention and played Comfest and at Rumba Café regularly, and he’s happy to bring his fully stamped musical passport back with him, hoping to add to what he sees growing in town.

“There are definitely wheels in motion in this town with motivated people,” Hebdo says. “There is a lot to like about what is going on musically and creatively around here.”

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