The Town Monster - Scary Good

With the poking and prodding of synthetic ivories, a crowd of voyeurs stamp closer to the stage with each drumbeat and guitar strum in a state of curiosity at the eerie tones. The trio plays a Frankenstein monster mash-up of music that can ooze of 1980s-era post punk, and then be pulsatingly danceable the next moment. Piece by piece, limb by limb, the creature is one sewn together by musicians not afraid to take a stab at anything. They are The Town Monster, Columbus’ very own experimental spooky musical behemoth, and they like it that way.

“Our songs are kind of all over the place from one song to the next musically, or one EP to the next,” says guitarist/keyboardist James Allison. “There is definitely something about a Town Monster song that you can tell it’s us. It may be the vocals, but I think it’s more of a feeling.”

Painting Midwestern landscapes infused with spookiness since 2008, the band started when Nathan Photos met up with drummer Matt Grady and a bass player who has since left the band, giving way to Allison’s inclusion. The Town Monster has been scaring up fans over the region with their keyboard-heavy version of rock, even opening for Weezer at a recent show at Ohio University. Over the last two years, they have managed to put out a full-length album, Autumn People, and one EP every month for the entire year. Ambition is not something they are lacking.

“By about halfway through the process of recording the Ohio EPs, I was kind of wondering what the hell I was doing when I made the decision to do this,” says Photos. “Now that it looks like we are actually going to complete this, it’s produced some really great music and allowed us to hone or writing skills.”

Next year, they hope to release the entire Ohio EP collection on a flash drive accompanied by original art sent in from Columbus and beyond that is somewhat Town Monster related. “We’re really trying to do more multi-media aspects with our music,” says Allison. “We’ve got some really interesting stuff we’re planning for the near future, but I’m afraid to say yet.”

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