The Jaded - Second Cut

Like most bands, the Jaded could trace their roots to a couple of friends with no real musical training, picking up guitars and deciding to try to make some music for the sake of just seeing if they could. Unlike most groups, it led them to the stages of venues like Hollywood’s Viper Room, recording with Grammy-winning producers and creating their own record label and management group. Ultimately, the group too quickly went from playing Bernie’s Distillery to a long nationwide tour and called it quits in 2005.

“I think we were too successful, too fast,” says lead singer Denver Fowler (aka Denver Jade). “I think we got a little too cocky too fast and kind of took things for granted.”

The Jaded came into their own during a time where Myspace was the place record labels were looking for their next big signing, which the Jaded took full advantage of. They could post some tracks up to stream and a couple of tour dates, and after a couple shows and some buzz, could pack a venue like the Basement. A lot of the groups that opened for them when they were at their peak are still going strong today.

For the Jaded though, it seemed being in a band became more of a job than a passion and sometimes playing multiple shows a day on a 43-date tour wore everyone down. Five years removed from the road life and the stage, the Jaded have settled back into their lives. Fowler has dug up some material that never got a proper release and coupled it with some new solo acoustic songs. Working with former band members, Fowler was able to finally finish up production of 1.618 Sunset Blvd., a 22-track retrospective with a release planned for Aug. 2 through iTunes and the Jaded website.

“Some of these tracks that we found were scrapped immediately when we were recording, but I think they are better than some of the stuff we used,” says Fowler. “I think we kind of owe it to fans to get this stuff out, and I’m excited to finally release it after all these years working on it.”

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