The Wet Darlings - Dripping Hot

Jenny Lute never planned on being front and center flanked by guitars and drums with a crowd’s full attention pinned on her band’s performance up on stage. Until three years ago, the only singing she had been a part of was at her church, in the car or on the occasional karaoke night. The latter is where friend Bill Patterson recognized some melodic talent he wanted to try and put to use.

“When she got up and started singing at the bar, I was blown away,” says Patterson. “I was like, ‘how come you didn’t tell me that you sang?’ I write music; we should do something together.”

Initially shrugging off the idea, Lute eventually got together with Patterson and started picking through some of his songs. After a little while, Patterson invited his brother Joe to play bass, and then later Aaron Bishara to play drums and the Wet Darlings brand of poppy rock was born. With a female voice carrying the music, it forced Bill to start writing with that in mind, creating a more melodic style.

“With a voice that is capable of that kind of melody, it just wouldn’t make sense not to use it that way,” says Bill. “It seems like it just kind of naturally sorted our sound out.”

A Wet Darlings song tends to be a duality between a melodic verse leading up to the more aggressive upbeat guitar-driven catchy chorus, which according to Lute, is representative of the band itself. She semi-sarcastically states that it levels out her angelic feminineness with the rest of the guys in the band. In any case, it works for the band, and everyone who is listening.

After only a couple years being on the scene in Columbus, the Wet Darlings have released two EPs, had their song “Big Ups” added to the rotation on CD101 via the five spot, played the Newport Music Hall and are working on a full-length record for their official coming-out party.

“I kind of feel like the first couple of EPs are us, but the stuff that we are working on right now, it’s really getting down to what our sound is,” says Lute. “The two EPs were great, but our full-length is going to knock your socks off.”

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