Mike Wojniak - Indie Reverie

From his impressive beard to his open and honest laid-back demeanor, everything about Mike Wojniak oozes the dreamy indie-pop singer-songwriter string-accompanied brand of music that has become his trademark – everything except for his normal speaking voice, which is a couple of octaves lower than the falsetto croon that anyone familiar with his music would be used to.

Like most kids, Wojniak picked up a guitar after he realized that school band wasn’t for him and moved on to any high school garage band that would have him – from emo to hard rock – but his own songs always gravitated toward a mellow tone. Wojniak fronted a couple local acts, but then decided that tone fit the direction he wanted to go in, and he was able to produce it with not much more company than his acoustic guitar.

Subsequent to dabbling in a little orchestration and some inquires made to The Ohio State University’s music department, Wojniak found a like-minded band mate in cellist Andrew Gordon-Seifert, who jumped at the chance to play something different than what a classically trained symphony cellist would have had in front of him.

“There was something liberating about playing something that wasn’t written by a guy that died hundreds of years ago,” says Gordon-Seifert. “It’s not that it’s bad music, it just felt good playing something new.”

Since their meeting, the two have released two records, the most recent entitled “Memento Vivere”, and have toured the country from coast to coast together. The pair makes for an odd couple on a stage usually showcasing a couple of electric guitars and a drum set.

Just back in town after tours and travels, Wojniak plans to release a new full-length record by the end of the year, this time with a little bit more of a message lyrically and musically than before.

“On the last record, it was all about my experiences traveling Europe and South America,” says Wojniak. “On this record, it’s going to be about telling a story and inspiring people.”

For more information about Mike Wojniak, go to www.mikewojniak.com