Saintseneca - Sound Check

When listening to the way that Zac Little describes the organic way that Saintseneca creates their music you get the sense that the band exists more as the result of good friends sitting around strumming their collection of instruments than it does to tour the west coast and lay down records.

"I might come to the group with an idea for a song," says Little. "Just like someone else might, but it’s just kind of like we’re planting the seeds for what will eventually become the song. Someone might play guitar on one song and mandolin on the other; it’s really up to them as to what they think might sound the best."

Little moved to Columbus with friends Steve Jacobs and Luke Smith from a small town in rural Ohio, and after having a more traditional style of rock band in high school, they decided they wanted to continue playing in a band at Ohio State. Out of the pure necessity of needing to be quiet in close quarters, they became an acoustic quartet with the addition on Grace Chang playing violin. Three years later, Chang has moved to New York and Smith has gotten married. Enter Maryn Jones and Steve Ciolek to fill the void and keep the band playing its folkish acoustic string-driven percussive, but without percussion beyond much more than a trash-can brand of music.

"That was actually one of the more fortunate accidents of how the band’s sound kind of became what it was," says Little. "When we first started playing, we had lined up a drummer, but for some reason he called me and just said he wasn’t coming. The stage was this kind of double stage that had a really great sound when you stomped on it, so we just went with that and it worked out."

That stomp accompanied by dulcimers, banjos, banjoleles, mandolins and Little’s gruff tenor backed by the harmonizing of the group was documented on their release, Last. Just like its title might indicate, Last was as much a documentation of their music for themselves as it was for everyone else who might listen.

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