Earwig - Sound Appeal

There haven’t been many bands whose names have graced the stages and marquees of Columbus’ clubs, spanning from Stache’s and Little Brothers to the LC, but, since the early nineties, Earwig has been plying their trademark brand of stripped-down rock in every club up and down High Street. It’s been nearly two decades and nobody’s asking them to stop; they’re an institution in Columbus. Their name is up there with bands like Watershed and Scrawl, from the same time period, but Earwig remains the only one that is still pumping out great records and playing regular shows.

“We started being in bands and making music very young, so it always has seemed like a natural part of a creative lifestyle,” says Lizard McGee, lead singer and guitarist. “There’s never been a reason to quit because it’s just what we do. Being in a band and writing songs is a part of our lives.”

The tradition continued with Earwig’s newest release Gibson Under Mountain, a collection of tracks that saw them put out the best work in an evolved sound that still bears a strong resemblance to their early cassettes and records, which they put out on McGee’s label KLM. The cerebral lyrics, mostly inspired by a period of dreams that McGee had, mesh with the straight on rock to form something that rocks and feels like it has real meaning behind it. The new record was also produced on McGee’s label and done in the very DIY style that Earwig has held as their mantra over the years. 

“I came from a background of punk rock and it was important to do things yourself and keep control over your art,” says McGee. “That idea has given direction to just about everything I’ve ever done. I’ve always felt that there shouldn’t be a hard line that keeps people from doing things for themselves.”

So far, Earwig has been in hibernation this year, but has plans to come back with a vengeance, featuring new songs and shows in the early part of the new year. The DVD of their performance along with other Columbus bands from last year’s Andyman-a-thon was recently released, as they were one of the longtime CD101 disc jockey’s favorite bands. It’s fitting that they would be featured with Columbus’s best, as they are a testament in themselves to the quality of music that gets put out in this town.