Cassius Slay - Step Off

Cornelius Jackson and Keith Swet have spent a lot of time
behind turntables within the walls of Columbus clubs and
beyond spinning their own ideas of what good electronic
dance music should sound like. From Dutch house music to
Dubstep and hip-hop, they came from completely different
worlds in the electronic genre but seemed to merge over one
of the newest styles on the scene, a variation on Dutch house
music switched down to a slower pace called Moombahton.
This new style was the glue and the starting point that
brought Swet and Jackson together as Cassius Slay.
“We were always the two guys who were still spinning
Moombahton at the end of the night at the clubs,” says
Jackson. “It was just something that we both wanted to do,
and both got into pretty much from the start.”
On their latest release, the Tree House EP, it’s easy to see that
the album is the work of two people coming from different
backgrounds. It builds up to big payoffs and breakdowns
using sounds that most might not think would have ever
been danceable, but the aggressive pieces Swet put in with
the less aggressive, more beat-oriented sounds of Jackson
make the Moombahton mesh into something that can flow
on a dance floor. It’s also easy to see why every mention of
their record is accompanied by the fact that it comes with a
Diplo endorsement, including here.
“It’s cool to get his stamp of approval,” says Jackson. “I
used to listen to his album Sound and the Fury when I was
skateboarding around town. It feels like it’s kind of come full
circle a little.”
Even though they started out with Moombahton as the base
to what they were trying to do, they both stress that Cassius
Slay is not going to stick to the Moombahton format rigidly.
They’ll be putting together sounds from their own personal
tree house that make sense to them, Moombahton or not.
You get the sense that they want to get into being two guys
who produce music in the broadest sense. Whether it be
working with rappers or doing their own thing as Cassius
Slay, they are musicians who just want to make their music.
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