Ruvane Kurland - Casually Cool

Like most solo artists, Ruvane Kurland’s music has many layers, but his are both figurative and literal. Wedged between layers of beatboxing and ukulele plucks are his wide-ranging vocals laced with elements of nature and all kinds of relationships with hints of his influences, but all in all the music is him.
Playing shows since he was 17 and touring across the country, Kurland has been trying to perfect his brand of acoustic folk rock, which wasn’t even a category that people considered when he first graced the stage. He blends his life experiences into his music, and when he plays he tries to connect that to the audience in any way that he can.
“The best part about playing in front of people for me is when, even if it’s just for a second, you realize that you’ve really connected with someone in the audience,” says Kurland. “I really live off the energy that I get from the crowd and try to make every show a different experience.”
One way Kurland does this is through his live “acoustic looping,” where he takes any brand of instrument and loops it over previous layers to make it sound like something completely new. It’s a technique that can be dangerous live, but makes every show different and feels like an entire band is coming from his voice and hands.
Kurland is currently putting the final touches on his new album Elevate, which he says carries his regular acoustic base with a little bit of an electric edge. One of his newest songs, “I’m Home,” is already garnering attention as it recently placed second in the Columbus 200 Bicentennial song contest. The album is due out around June of this year and will feature many guest appearances from musicians that Kurland has admired for years.
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