Coming Around - Monster Rally

The tropical feeling that you get when you hear a track from Ted Feighan’s electronic yet organic music project, Monster Rally, isn’t something you would expect to originate on the shores of Lake Erie. Feighan scours the thrift shops and record stores to find vinyl treasures that call to him with bright artwork from a bygone era. He pieces together a collage of ’40s and ’50s beach culture into his own music, creating an original homage that only exists in Feighan’s mind before it’s stamped on vinyl.
“I think the best description that anyone has ever given me of what my music sounds like was that it sounds like music from a vacation that you never took,” Feighan says. “I always thought it sounded like something that was from 30 or 40 years ago, but never actually existed.” 

With a music resume that started with Feighan playing bass guitar in a screamo band that was eventually signed to Victory records out of high school, his path to becoming a sampler was very different than most. After cutting ties with his guitar and being turned off to the idea of music in general, Feighan came across a sampler, started playing around with it and took to it quickly.

“When I was in the band I had already been collecting all of these tropical records with that idea that I would eventually sample them some day,” Feighan says. “I had been listening to a lot of hip-hop that kind of took me to the idea of getting a sampler, and when I did, it just kind of worked out.”

Driven by in influences like Panda Bear and Animal Collective, Feighan found his niche with a tropical backdrop. His limited guitar work on the samples led to interest from Oakland-based Gold Robot Records, which found him on the Internet. With another record due out this summer, Feighan is just happy to become part of the vinyl world he has picked through for years. 

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