Picking up a guitar and splicing fragments of her life with sympathetic chords has always been something very personal for Sara Castro. Only the lucky few who were close enough to her got to hear her works in progress echoing off the drywall from her apartment and knew what she was really keeping from the world. 
Married musically and literally, Marco and Sara met by chance through friends in Savannah, Georgia, and didn’t realize their musical compatibility until Sarah blew Marco away with her hidden musical potential with an original song. Once her husband Marco had her songs taking up a permanent residence in his head, he couldn’t help himself from joining in one day. 
Sara, who called central Ohio her home, and Marco, who is originally from Costa Rica, were from two very different worlds musically and culturally. If you listen closely to their self-described indie-pop folk, you can hear elements of salsa music, heavy metal and classic rock. Not the average recipe for music made by two acoustic guitars and minimal percussion, but they pushed each other in the right directions to create something that is different and familiar all at the same time.  
“I was always on the outside of music looking in and involved in the background but wanted to be the guy playing. She could play but never really wanted to do it in front of people on a stage,” says Marco. “She kind of pushed me to learn guitar and I kind of pushed her to play for people; we helped push each other.” 
That pushing paid off when their song, “Here in Columbus,” placed high enough to be included on the Columbus 200 compilation. Next to a solid EP and another one on the way, their music is reaching out to people, and that’s all they really want. 
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