Catchy - Bonneville

An ocean of hands reaches out to the stage, clapping in unison to the drumbeat and repeating back the catchy “na na na” pop gibberish. An ascot-wearing front man leads them to a crescendo and roars out lyrics fading away from the mic. Then, a guitar hook, wrapped around a bass and drum marriage that inspires foot taps like a Baptist preacher does “amens,” rolls the song back to its chorus. The engine of pure enthusiasm and command of the crowd that Columbus’ own guitar pop darlings Bonneville exude drives them closer to breaking out and beyond the Columbus skyline, show by show. 

Playing Columbus for nearly six years now, it wasn’t until recently when the confluence of a new album and tight sets threw a spotlight on the group locally. Pitts, along with lead guitarist David Miklos, bassist Kevin Sanders and Drummer Nick Frye, have been winning people over for more than a decade. From playing Led Zeppelin covers in the basements of Kettering to the big stage of the 20th Century Theater in Cincinnati opening for a national act like Walk the Moon,  they have always written what they knew. 
“I feel like we kind of all write from our perspective and  it makes for a very different catalogue of songs,” Pitts says. “Songs can do things in different ways: You can tell a story, you can spill your guts lyrically or you can just be abstract and you can make something that makes absolutely no sense and just sounds cool like John Lennon.” 
Following up their latest album, Amy’s House, the band recently released the single “Feel it.” A departure from their piano laced, guitar driven past to a new era of synthesizer-backed rock n roll that makes you want to move a little. 

The track has spent some time on the airwaves of CD101 and serves as a preview of things to come for the upcoming Bonneville album in the very near future. “We are really trying to craft good pop songs that people will remember,” Miklos says. “Songs that people will want to sing along to and dance to. The kind of songs that will stick in your head and be hard to shake.” 
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