Nascent Heather Evans

With what seems like a permanent smile on her face paired with the faux, bright-yellow flower in her hair to complete her retro 50s self-described style of “liking everything at my grandmas house,” it’s hard to imagine that the word “depression” even enters Heather Evans’ mental lexicon. After listening to her newest record,Out of the Woods, which revisits her trying time through a life-threatening pregnancy and bout with congestive heart failure over eight tracks, it’s easy to see where she’s worked it out of her system.

“Music was the furthest thing from my mind when I was on bed rest, and it was hard for me to even lift my head up from the pillow,” Evans says. “When I came out of it all, I had a lot on my mind and so much to get out, music gave me a chance to get it all out of me and share it with others.” 

Ever since she picked up a guitar and did her bestMichelle Branch impression as a 15-year-old, Evans’s music has been a precise gauge of what’s going on in her head. If you were close to her, you always knew where you stood by the tone of her voice and the tempo of her strum. Over the 10 years she has been putting music out, she has grown as a songwriter and a musician, focusing more on how people will relate to her music than writing the typical love song. The title track to her record is a perfect example of that. 

Out of the woods is really just a term to describe how we can find our way out of anything that is hurting our life,” Evans says. “It could be gambling, or drugs or anything, like my own personal ‘woods’ is the depression that I’ve had. It’s a song to kind of point out that everything has a way out, and that you’re not alone in it.” 

Her unique vocal abilities conjure up a diary of feelings from frustration to hope over the course of her record. Personal friends of hers find it hard to bear listening, but realize these swooning melodies of hope rose up from tragic origins. She looks at her guitar as an escape for herself, and hopefully others,when they hear the finished product. 

“I know that it sounds kind of cheesy and everything,but if I didn’t have my guitar and my music, I’m not sure where I’d be at right now,” Evans says.