Playing it Forward Kevin Daniel

“I just had to get my hands on something, so I went and
found a cheap guitar at a store and just started playing
music,” says Daniel. “Whether it was just to sit around
and strum or to write songs, I needed it.”
After going to Ohio University for audio production and
a stint at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, Daniel
wasn’t sure if his place was working a board in the studio or
playing music on a stage. It was after sitting on a beach on
the other side of the world, and writing the first song he’d
felt met up to his standard of what good music was, that he
knew he wanted to throw everything into his music.
“That was the moment, that was when I really knew that
I could do it,” says Daniel. “I had this massive catalogue
of like 200 songs that I never really felt met the grade, but
when I wrote “Won’t Back Down” in Australia, it made
me realize it was possible.”
Immediately after coming back from his travels, Daniel
started working on his brand of solo singer-songwriter
piano laden melodies full-time and got invited to Los
Angeles to work with platinum award-winning producer
Mikal Blue after hearing his music. After almost three
years of being at it, Daniel has toured with Javier Colon,
winner of NBC’s The Voice and had a song featured on
the CW’s Vampire Diaries.
Despite all of these accomplishments, Daniel seems to be
most proud of what he’s done with his single “Brave” that
he released on iTunes on his own. Inspired by a friend
going through tough times, which kept bringing him
back to dealing with his own father’s bout with cancer,
the song got noticed. Daniel decided to donate half of
his profits to the James Cancer Hospital in honor of his
father and to give back to Columbus.
“While I was writing, it became this kind of uplifting
ballad that people have really grabbed onto,” says Daniel.
“It was a song that was very personal, but had a universal
theme to it that everyone could relate to.”

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