The Phantods - Crazy Cool

There is a chill that usually accompanies something that catches us by surprise or doesn’t sit well in your stomach. It’s the feeling that comes right before Jason Voorhees jumps out of the bushes or when Rod Sterling pops out and tells you that you’re entering the Twilight Zone. Sometimes, it’s called the heebee jeebees; sometimes it’s called the Phantods.

The music of Columbus’s Phantods can catch you by surprise with its genre-jumping and catchy hooks, but unlike its namesake, it won’t spook you—not too much anyway. “I think our ability to switch genres in the middle of a song is something that sets us apart from most bands,” says Drummer Kenan Edler. “That and Dan’s Beard, really.”

Formed somewhere in the realm of six years ago by singer and keyboardist Gretchen King and guitarist Daniel Hagquist, The Phantods started with a distinct idea and a sound that uses a band like Mr. Bungle as a starting point. After a couple of years, bassist Nathan Jacobs and Drummer Kenan Edler were added to form the current incarnation of the band. With their sound complete, they went straight to work on their self-titled release. “It was a long time coming, but the record came out a couple of months ago,” says Jacobs. “After trying out studios, we decided to record it ourselves. We found that nothing sounded quite as good as Dan’s basement.”

The self-produced and recorded album displays their signature Polka, Punk and Metal fusion, with the strong melodic vocals of King hovering above them. “I like to have the song appear to be something simple on the surface lyrically,” says King, “though there’s a lot going on underneath it all.”

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