Karate Coyote - Comin’ at Ya

With a black belt mastery of energetic punk and catchy hooks laced with layers of powerful vocals, Karate Coyote creates fun pop with undertones of their serious influences. The dynamic vocals are supported with jazz time signatures, winding bass lines and guitar parts that could be found on a progressive rock record at times. In fact, once a Karate Coyote song starts kicking around inside your head, it doesn't leave for a long time.

"We really just wanted to make something that was fun and accessible," says guitarist Eric Vescelius. "We all kind of came in with different influences that you can hear in our songs. It does seem to really work well together."

A little over a year ago, the band started to take shape when Vescelius and bassist Nic Jados, drummer and guitarist Ted Bigham and vocalist Ryan Horn got together with the idea of starting a band. They knew each other from Ohio University, high school in Upper Arlington and other bands. The band then brought in Sam Corlett to sing lead and back-up vocals and Kendra Jados (sister of bass player Nic) for the same duties when they needed an emergency vocalist. "I think Sam and Kendra are really what sets us apart from most bands," says Nic Jados. "The way that our singers play off each other and the music is so unique."

Karate Coyote is currently in the final stages of recording of their debut album at Rokcity Studios on Columbus' East side. It's their first complete effort, besides some early demo tracks. "Everything went great with the recording; we're really happy with what we got," says Nic Jados. "It should be ready to go in a couple of months."

For more information on Karate Coyote: www.karatecoyote.com