1point3 - All in a Name

Perhaps it was the average grade point average of the band from high school, or perhaps it’s the amount of hours your ears might be ringing after one of their sets, or maybe even a number that has some relation to UFOs uttered by a man on the brink on insanity that a member of the band might have encountered—these are all perfectly acceptable theories of how local heavy metal band 1point3 came up with their moniker.

“There’s a bunch of jokes out there about what our name means,” says Mike Maxwell, lead singer and guitarist. “The truth is there really isn’t any reason for our name other than it just sounded good to us.”

The band formed in 2000 when Maxwell saw bassist Skot Thomspon playing in another band and decided to steal him for his own brainchild. Shortly thereafter, they nabbed drummer Chad Johnson from another band and started to pump out their loud and brutal version of rock ‘n roll into bars and clubs in the Columbus area.

“A lot has changed since we first started playing,” says Thomspon. “We used to try to cram as many parts as we could into a song, which made it hard on us and the audience. We play a more traditional song structure now.”

That “traditional” song structure consists of a blistering array of powerful riffs covered by powerful screaming vocals and at least a couple of time signatures to switch through. The end result is a mix of traditional slayer-like metal with a touch of punk and vocals that will tear through the audience.

“I’m really good at what I do,” says Maxwell. “It’s just the only way that I know how to sing. If I were on American Idol or in some pop band, I would be singing the same way. I can’t sing any other way.”

For more information on 1point3 go to: www.1point3.com