The Lindsay - Guitar Heroes

Just as the grungy guitars and the pounding beats came to be catchy masterpieces through two-hour jam sessions in the basement, the Lindsay came to be through serendipity and coincidence. “Three of us went to high school together and after college, we all just kind of ended up living in Columbus,” says drummer Jimmy Lavery. “So we were like ‘let’s start a band.’”

Lavery played in a band with guitarists Tom Schmidt and John Olexovitch while going to high school in Medina, and bassist Gretchen Tepper was welcomed into the fold after meeting members at Ohio State. In 2004, the Lindsay started playing their brand of rock with a duo of effect-heavy guitars grinding out a wave of sonic noise complimented with the mellow vocals of Olexovitch and Tepper.

“I think what really makes us unique is the interaction between our two guitarists,” says Lavery. The Lindsay brings together some of the best elements of the 90’s alternative scene, drawing comparisons to bands like Sonic Youth and the Breeders. The band doesn’t deny their influences. “People always say there are obvious bands that are influential to our sound,” says Olexovitch. “I think we take parts from all of those bands but use them in our own ways.”

Their debut album, Dragged Out, came out last year with praise from the local scene. The tracks reflect their jam session origins with long departures from the chorus that seem to fit in and mirror a live show. Recorded at a brisk pace at Columbus Discount Records, the collection of songs is almost worthy of their live show. “The album is good,” says Tepper, “but our live show is a completely different monster.”

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