Paper Airplane - Set for Takeoff

Like a carefully creased notebook paper masterpiece floating by the force of a strong wind, the upbeat vocals and guitars take turns that are unpredictable in your standard rock song formula. Before coming to a halt and gracefully landing on the ground, the melodies will make you wonder if you were a passenger.

It’s easy to see where a band like Paper Airplane gets their name. “We just wanted to change things up,” says Ryan Horn, lead singer and guitar player for the band. “Everything sounds the same nowadays and we wanted to do something different that we really liked.”

Horn and his bandmates, Teresa Kent on keyboards, Caleb Bandy on bass, and Antonio Garza on drums, have been together since 2005. Having started out in the Cincinnati rock scene and putting out their debut album Middlemarch on Columbus’s All Hail Records, they consider themselves a two-city band, with most of them calling the Columbus area home.

“I think Columbus has really started to develop a reputation for having noise rock bands,” says drummer Antonio Garza. “We’re so much different than that, it makes us a lot easier to take.” The majority of Paper Airplane’s tracks ooze the influences of bands like the Beatles and the Kinks. Their musical sound is positive and upbeat for the most part, but its roots linger on the darker side of things. Horn, who is the primary writer for the band, takes a lot of his experiences as a crime reporter in Marysville into account when writing.

“You might hear one of our songs and just think it’s about a girl or something,” says Horn. “Really it could be about something much more disturbing. I like to write about the absurdity of everyday life.”

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