Bullet Jones - Smoking Gun

Bullet Jones sounds like the moniker a veteran bluesman who belts out lyrics while pounding out grizzly chords on a guitar named Betsy. It could bring to mind a legendary gunslinger of the Wild West with a raw, aggressive attitude and reputation that would make even the toughest flinch.

Who knew that it would take four guys from Columbus to bring these qualities together musically? “People always try to push us into a certain category of rock,” says Ryan Cox, lead singer and guitar-player. “We always just say that we are straight up Rock ‘n Roll.”

The current incarnation of Bullet Jones came together about a year and a half ago when Cox, lead guitarist Lee Neuzil and Bass player John Allen decided to bring drummer Matt Marcum into the fold. The band’s blues roots naturally integrated into the straight out Rock they knew and loved, making the meaningful and powerful blended sound they’re known for playing now. “It was really hard to find bands that we could play with when we first started,” says Cox. “We would be sandwiched in-between two metal bands on a bill and it would be just awkward.”

After playing venues up and down High Street weekend after weekend, the group came up with the idea to play fewer shows, but make each show an experience not easily denied or forgotten. Hence, their latest show at BoMA had a circus theme, complete with stilt-walkers, circus midgets and women painted up to look like tigers. “We try to promote ourselves any way we possibly can,” says Marcum. “We bought an old ambulance and painted it up. We call it our Jam-bulence. We cruise around and spread the music of Bullet Jones.”

For more information on Bullet Jones, check out www.bulletjones.com