The Receiver - Dual Signals

Listening to the Receiver is not much different than the feeling of slowly waking up from a pleasant dream and being lulled back into reality. Like a warm blanket, the somber keyboard tones and intimate vocals surround and comfort you until the drums and bass build into a perfect compliment to the tranquil haze of the haunting harmony. This is where you wish you could sink back into a long slumber.

“You know how there are always two or three slower and more intimate tracks on each album?” asks Casey Cooper, vocalist, keyboardist and bass player. “I tend to gravitate to those tracks, and I think you can see it the music.” The Receiver, a group that consists of two brothers who both discovered music at an early age, didn’t come together until Casey, the younger of the two brothers, turned in his senior thesis at Ohio State. The thesis filled a half-hour with the electronic music that would later become the Receiver.

“I wanted to make music that I would feel comfortable playing and that the audience would feel comfortable with,” says Casey. “When we wanted to play music together, it just seemed like the logical step to build on it,” he continued. With his older brother, Jesse, taking over the drumming, they recorded their debut album Decades last year to critical acclaim. Since then, the duo has been touring across the country and trying to build their fan base. Currently, they are back in town and recording a new album that will be out early next year.

“The new material should have a little more urgency,” says Jesse. “We’ve been playing some of the new tracks live and the crowd has really reacted to them, which is always a good sign.”

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