Lab Rats - Researching Rhyme

With strong flows and Hip Hop beats, their own recorded samples and live instrumentals, the Lab Rats have mixed the perfect bubbling formula for a successful Indie Rap group. Putting out a sound that is described as “The Beastie Boys if they were produced by Beck with a little bit of the Allman Brothers” by band member and DJ, Kelly Warner, the Lab Rats put an emphasis on story-telling and the blue collar reality of the Midwest life.

“I think that it’s really important to be true to yourself when you’re writing music” says Warner. “You look at shows like American Idol and it’s so fake. That’s not what we’re about, we tell stories about things that have actually happened to us.”

The two-piece rap outfit consisting of Warner and guitarist and lyricist Brian Brown started three and a half years ago when they met at a party and just clicked. Since then they have mixed their eclectic influences to create two albums that have been met with critical acclaim and are in the process of putting out a third entitled Swim with the Tides in the near future. The new album will continue the gradual progression to include more recorded instrumentals and choruses sung by band members and fewer samples.

“Whenever we go into record an album,” says Warner, “I always close my eyes and try to envision how the song would be in a live situation.”

Renowned for their live shows, the group plays in clubs all over town on the bill with Progressive Rock bands to Indie rockers. Their sound is well received by Columbus and they can typically fit into any venue and succeed.

“The support that we have in Columbus has been amazing,” says Warner. “This city has given us every opportunity to mature as a group.”

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