Black Coin - Making Change

Like a collage created by grade schoolers that takes its most critical pieces from Motown to Marley, Black Coin glues together its sounds creating a genre all their own.

“I think we’re going with rock fusion now,” says Joey Hebdo, lead singer and guitarist for the band. “It’s kind of hard to define our sound. It’s more of a feeling.”

Hebdo and bassist Adam Smith have been trying to find that sound with drummers Cliff Lefevre and Allen Ritter since 2001. The members met through friends during impromptu jam sessions while attending Gahanna Lincoln High School. “We were just kind of playing some acoustic jam stuff on our own,” says Lefevre, motioning to Hebdo. “We got invited to this practice space and they were rocking, and it just kind of grew from there.”

After going through a myriad of lineup changes and losing lead guitarists, the band has shifted away from their jam band roots, growing into a more eclectic sound. Having multiple drummers and occasionally adding instruments such as harps and entire horn sections has brought a whole new vibe to their live show. “I think having these guys switching instruments is what really makes our sound different,” says Hebdo about his drummers/keyboardists. “It really comes out in our live show.”

Black Coin prides itself on their live performance. They’ve honed their craft in bars throughout Columbus since they first started playing together. Early shows at CBR’s gave way to bigger clubs and opened the door to regional touring.

“We really love playing in smaller places where we can feed off the energy in the crowd,” says Lefevre. “I love having them all around me; it’s kind of like a cyclical thing. You can just really feel it while you’re playing and give it back to the crowd.”

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