One Life Lost - On Track

On a rooftop in Africa, at a time when she was helping displaced war-torn families and poverty victims with the Invisible Children and One campaigns, Shell Belt had a moment of clarity while praying. One could say it was a call from God. She answered and realized she was born to make music.

When Belt came home to Columbus, she picked up a six string, laid down a solo EP and started gigging coffee houses. What evolved, thanks to Simeon Clark on the keys, AJ Maynard on lead guitar and Mike Snyder on drums, was the Indie Rock reality One Life Lost.

“We could all be making a better living by the standards of success and money,” says Belt, “but no success, no money can compare to being in the heart of what you’re called to do.”

She got another call last fall, this time not from God, but from Starbucks corporate. Starbucks’ new Hear Now music label wanted One Life Lost’s single “You and Me” for their Off the Clock disc featuring up and coming Starbucks artists (Belt is also a shift supervisor at the German Village location). Since then, the disc has hit the Billboard charts and plays in around 6,300 North American Starbucks Coffee Houses.

“We’re not going to fit into the mainstream. We’re not going to fit into the Christian genre,” says Belt of their vibe. “So we’re going to do what we do… and so far, we’ve been really blessed that people are digging it, so we can’t complain.”

David Sabbath, Director of Three Dog Films, who has worked with Ludacris and 311, offered to film their first-ever music video. Between festivals, tours and day jobs, the band is busy in the studio recording their CD that’s expected for release in August. Whether it’s divine intervention or the spirit of Rock n’ Roll, the blessings keep coming for One Life Lost.

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