DJ Nino Anthony - House Calls

Nino Anthony is a DJ who follows where the music takes him. He’s been on the House music scene for 10 years, but sometimes when you hit the scene, the scene hits you back. Gigging in the nightlife and living a year in Vegas took him down a few wrong paths. Thankfully, for music’s sake, he didn’t get stuck in a rut and instead fell into a funky groove.

“I'm living testimony that good things happen to you if you change your selfish ways, live right and never give up your dream,” says Anthony.

The 29-year-old Columbus native has scratched tables and bumped speakers around the globe, but in 2006, he co-founded his own label Portamento Records right here in his hometown. The label boasts clients from L.A. to New York City, Chicago to Miami, London to Italy, and Brazil to Australia.

“You turn on MTV in the U.K., they’re playing House music,” says Anthony. “They’re not playing Hip-Hop. It’s all House music videos, electronic music. That’s their Pop music in the U.K. That’s where we sell the most.”

Anthony has worked with over 10 other labels and this summer has songs releasing on six of them, including Subliminal Records (Erick Morillo) and Bug Eyed Records (U.K.). Add that to the fact that Australia, London and Brazil want to stamp his passport for a shot at hearing his live grooves.

“I love bringing soulful elements into my music,” he reflects. “I’m known right now, more for dirty Electro-House. It’s a little edgier. But my roots are in soulful House, deep House and R&B.”

To Anthony, the House scene, “…is a culture. It’s a community where it’s just all about the music. It’s the vibe; it’s a good vibe. When you’re deejaying, it’s the best feeling in the world when you’re up there and people are going crazy. It’s amazing, man.”

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