LoveSick Radio - Radio Flyer

All the elements are in place for a Pop-Rock career breakthrough: four chisel-cheeked, fashion-savvy, twenty-something rockers with an ear for pop tracks, a production team who believes in them and a devoted fan base of hot chicks.

Grove City natives, Justin Theriault (vocals), Josh Masters (bass) and Josh McGee (drums) met Manchester-born, New Albany raised, Dave Harris (guitar) at an after-party when Masters accidentally spilled a drink on Harris. Harris is still a bit chapped because Masters hasn’t covered the dry-cleaning bill, but a gig as lead guitarist in a rising Rock band should make up for it.

Six months later, the quartet received an offer to play on the USO Tour; two weeks later, the quartet flew to Hawaii to kick off a 28-day, 16-gig tour of Eastern Asia through South Korea, over to Singapore and down to Guam. The group admits that the best thing about the tour was that they were able to bond as band mates and really got to know each other on a professional and personal level.

Then there was a new laundry list of business to which they had to attend. “When we got back, we were like, ‘Okay, do you guys want to do this?’” recalls Theriault. “Because we’ve got to get down to business and really work. So we thought, ‘Yeah, we got something going on here! Let’s do this!’”

Road-tested and crowd-approved, they continue to gig around the U.S. while their first hit-single, “Boys Don’t Matter”, plays over WNCI’s airwaves. Currently, they’re fielding calls from major labels interested in their showcase.

“We want to leave it all on stage,” says Theriault. “It’s what I was born to do, man. We’re gonna’ do this. We’re gonna’ do it one city at a time and we want to build that army … of chicks.”

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