Urban legend has it, an earwig, or forficula auricularia, crawls into people’s ears and lays eggs in the brain. As Columbus’ alternative music scene has it, Earwig, or indierockula kickassium, is creeping its way from the underground into the ears and minds of fans nationwide.

Earwig’s stripped-down Rock sound has found a place atop the CMJ charts near the Shins, Pete Yorn and Hold Steady. MTV, ABC, Disney/Touchstone films and the UK DVD documentary Nirvana have used their songs. Now they are coming off of their second national tour and into their own with their third studio release, Center Of The Earth, on their own micro-indie label, LFM Records.

The underground unknowns have learned a lot over the years, about both music and business. This time around, front man Lizard McGee, bassist Matt Wagner and drummer Justin Crook have found intention and purpose.

“Trying to pander to certain elements of the music industry is a worthless road to travel,” says Lizard. “We know who we are and what we want to do. We hope to be a band that would help bring more attention to Columbus. I am humbled in the presence of Columbus music, music that is on par or above anything you hear nationally.”

Columbus listeners are reciprocating the affection. Earwig’s hit-single “Used Kids” is in regular rotation at CD101. “It’s a great song and an easy fit for what we do at CD101,” says CD 101 DJ and Program Director, Andyman. “Earwig does an absolutely fantastic job live and the audience reaction is outstanding.”

For more information visit lizardfamily.com