Wolfgang Parker - Loud Class

If the Blasters got loaded on stirred manhattans or sazracs or something classy like that, instead of beer, they might sound a lot like Wolfgang Parker. Or, if sometime in the 90s someone had bought Brian Setzer a distortion pedal instead of a gold suit, maybe the Stray Cats would have stayed together and perhaps even sounded a little like the Punk swing that Parker professes.

His latest record, Octoboure, borrows liberally from the three-chord Punk tradition of the aforementioned Mr. Alvin’s group, Social Distortion and the Supersuckers; however, it tempers the balls-out twang of all three of those exemplars of what the Rev. Horton Heat would come to call Psychobilly with a high-brow bravado that more closely resembles that of Sky Masterson from Guys and Dolls.

Parker is an obviously talented musician who has chosen to put Rock’s quintessential three pieces to work, cranking out songs with modulations and augmented thirds and a bunch of old-fashioned stuff like that. The result is something that feels like it should be listened to in a satin-lapelled, red plaid smoking jacket, but at ridiculously loud volumes. And, upon listening to Parker’s work at the requisite loudness, one can almost see the already blurry line between swing and slam dancing disappearing.

For more information, check out www.wolfgangparker.com