Zero Star - Defying Gravity

If Digital Underground were in fact sons of the P, like they claimed to be, then Zero Star is the grandson. In fact, one could argue that he is the kin of many Ps, from Funk to Master. With a delivery as smooth as Shock G, grooves as deep as something furrowed by the honorable, reverend George Clinton, and rhymes as organic and genuine as the ones that Master P was selling out of the trunk of his car when he was building what would become the No Limit empire, Mr. Star can boast a lineage of manifold Ps.

As a member of Weightless Records’ roster, he is in good company. Artists like Greenhouse Effect, Envelope, Blueprint and Illogic (all Weightless artists) are deftly laboring to put Columbus on the map as the home of some of the early 21st century’s most original Hip-Hop.

Zero Star’s contribution to our indigenous aural urban aesthetic is gritty, while extraordinarily catchy; honest, yet steeped in bravado; and completely and unabashedly native to Central Ohio. It will leave the listener contemplating contemporary city life, with all of its pitfalls and challenges, while compelling them to shake whichever part of their body they feel most comfortable shaking. In sum, it’s hard to listen to Zero Star without being moved – literally or figuratively.