Carson Drew - Attitudinal

You are likely among the many of us who spend an inordinate amount of time wondering what true Punk can look like in a world that has already been confronted with the Plasmatics and GG Allin. What is irreverent after a Butthole Surfer’s live show? Irreverence, that’s what, and Carson Drew has it coming off ‘em like stink-lines off of Pig Pen. The combined attitudes of sisters Elenor Ugly, Jessica Rabbit and Lydia Loveless rival those of Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious or Joey and Dee Dee. It’s one thing to be a monstrously unattractive front man and pull off the requisite bravado to grab a bunch of drunks by the ears and make them pay attention, but it reaches a whole new level when it’s done by hot chicks, especially if they are sisters.

Once the girls have gotten your attention, Parker Chandler, the only Y chromosome involved in the whole outfit, starts laying down solid Rock and Roll beats and the girls mingle their guitars, basses and keyboards with the unique harmonies that can only come from a singing family. The tunes are what it would sound like if Nashville Pussy and Tiffany had a baby. The hooks are catchy enough to be sung karaoke-style in the shopping mall before throngs of squeaky teens, but that would be gross. Besides, no matter how you dress them up, Carson Drew’s songs always smell a little like whiskey. That’s just one of the reasons it is best to see them in a bar. Go find out some of the other ones on your own.