Ordinary Peoples - C-Funk

Now that Dr. Funkenstein is nearing retirement age, one wonders what became of his clones. He did, after all, have an army of Afronauts designed to funkatize entire galaxies. Chances are some of them made it back to Ohio, since Bootsy is a native. So, it is possible they bred with indigenous populations, which would certainly explain Ordinary Peoples.

As unlikely as it may seem at first glance, these cats got the Funk. They have made the Mothership Connection. The Chariot has swung low and taken them home. By freeing their minds and allowing their asses to follow, Scraps, Ben and Gerard have elaborated upon the funkdagroovalicious tradition of P-Funk, adding the magically mixtastic influence of the heartland.

We have everyone in Central Ohio: black, white, yellow, some green, Hindu, Jew, Christian, Zoroastrian, Francophile, cat people, dog people, etc. So, we tend not to care what our Hip-Hop looks like, especially if it is true to the P. Ordinary Peoples makes music true to their generation, too, by weaving in contemporary Hip-Hop, Rock, Gospel, Trance and the myriad other traditions that are so readily available in our mini-melting-pot of a city. It has to be what the Hon. Rvd. Dr. George Clinton had in mind when he alluded to putting his sunglasses on so he could see better.

If you would like to free your mind and see where it might lead your ass, check out www.ordinarypeoples.com for news, music and show information.