The Evil Queens - Kings of Volatility

When you hear The Evil Queens, a thick, loud, abrasive wall of sound stands its ground. It is the kind of sound that forcibly pushes you back in your chair – way back.

These ominous sovereigns of distortion plow through tracks like an army on the warpath, with only one thing on their mind: taking over the world. This army enlisted Mike Eckhardt, Eric Hinterscheid, George Hondroulis and Jacob Sundermeyer, who describe their sound as “gin soaked”. Their cocktail consists of one shot Sub-Pop-era Soundgarden and one shot Mudhoney, with a twist of Foo Fighters and a pinch of Danzig. Don’t bother shaking; it’s messy enough. It’s a chaotic utopia that pays homage to the grunge warriors who marched before them.

The band’s last release, First It Boils, Then It Spills, is a Metal bordello: dirty, fun and worth the price of admission. If you’ve seen the band live, you know it’s a hard and fast experience that never shows signs of slowing down. The quartet is busy “ripping off their favorite albums” and putting the final touches on their next Metal extravaganza: Bagpipes and the Scottish Funeral Procession, slated for release on June 6th.

The Evil Queens’ tracks are available for downloading at iTunes. For all other Evil music, tour dates and general wicked information, log onto