The Sun - Above and Beyond

All puns aside, The Sun are hot. Red Hot! Not only are these Ohio boys signed to Warner Brothers, they also scored a video on MTV2 for their song Girlfriend’s Best Friend.

Bands like The Strokes and Jet have brought garage-rock back to the mainstream, and if you listen to The Sun’s first effort, Love And Death, they’re as raw as the best of them. But Did Your Mother Tell You? is something else. The Sun write Rock like The Cars wrote Pop—catchy melodies with groovy nuances you pick up the more you listen. Their sophomore release also shows their progression as songwriters, with mellower acoustic numbers and Brit-Poppiness. Singer Chris Burney reminds one of a modern day Buddy Holly, Rock-star-skinny, raspy-voiced, and at home in the spotlight.

The band just played the legendary Indie-Pop fest, South By Southwest, which most recently launched the career of UK band The Darkness. They will tour through April, living as “glorified truckers,” as Burney jokes, then head into the studio with the hopes of putting out a new album before the year’s end.

The Sun is the epitome of Beyond 270. They achieve greatness beyond the orbital pull of Columbus’ little circle. You can find free downloads, pics, and flicks at