The Squares

It is a raucous sound that emanates from the speakers -- the sound of brash guitars, gangly bass lines, tribal beats, and charismatic vocals.  It’s an ultra-modern reworking of second-generation British Invasion with the distinctly American energy that fueled seminal bands from The Ramones to the Replacements.  This sound is brought to you thoughtfully by up-and-comers, The Squares.

Young and energetic, these local boys are making noise like an early morning freight train -- thunderous and un-ignorable.  Singer Jeremy Pifer leads The Squares like Elvis led The Attractions, combining the grit of 70’s New York punk with the sound of modern garage greasiness.  Their sound is Motorhead-raw but not overly distorted, like what would have happened if Paul Weller listened to “Thunder Kiss ’69” fifty times before penning “Town Called Malace”, or any Jam song, really.

The guys are staying busy and have sold all copies of their first EP, Very Sharp.  They are currently putting the final touches on their first full length LP, which is slated for release in April.