Black Cat Revival - Bad Luck Never Had it So Good

If Travis Bickle were ever to quit his job as a taxi driver and turn to music, he would be a member of Black Cat Revival. The band formerly known as Wigglepussy, Indiana is as musically neurotic and manic as it is fluent and experimental. Blending Jazz into Progressive Rock with teeth, Black Cat Revival has hooks that bite.

Jason Schurtz, Bill Jordan, Lawrence Desilets and Scott Lambridis, the four talented musicians that make up Black Cat Revival, sound like they’ve spent more than one summer in Mike Patton’s (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) band camp. The fearless quartet explores every nuance of music in every time signature possible, making their guitar-less sound amazingly dynamic. They are cleverly campy and well versed.

Their live show is also a visual thriller, and the music becomes the score to what feels like a complex on-stage murder mystery. Revival understands the broad spectrum of entertainment, which allows them to create enthralling music and deliver a captivating multi-media live performance. The Cats prowled enough to get the attention of MTV, scoring the tracks “Big Blue Machine” and “Diamondback Jaws” on The Real Word soundtrack.

Black Cat Revival is busy putting the final touches on Eleventy Million Miles Away, due out in late February. For more info, sights and sounds, check out