Hotel Eden - Hot Box

Finding your place in music is no easy task. Kelly Warner, formerly of local hip-hop group the Lab Rats, decided that after their eventual split and a couple of years working the beats of the group it was time to move onto a project that made him the most comfortable, i.e. working up his own original instrumentation and tracks with his voice playing over the orchestration that is his one-man band Hotel Eden.

“The whole idea of Hotel Eden is making music that is comfortable for the audience to listen to and comfortable for me to make,” says Warner. “I wanted to make Hotel Eden a place where I could express pretty much any idea I had without any trappings.”

The idea that Warner came into the project with came from artist Joseph Cornell who primarily made surrealist compartmentalized boxes that Warner said were so amazing that he would see them and just “want to live inside them”. Hence the name Hotel Eden, after one of Cornell’s famous pieces, a place that diagrams the way Warner wants to make his music.

“I haven’t really pinned myself down to one type of music,” says Warner. “I just finished a track that is an absolute dance song, that is nothing like the rest of my stuff. I’m just making what feels right.”

Although Hotel Eden’s sound can vary, “pressure”, the primary track which is circulating the internet right now with an accompanying video has the feel of earlier Beck with a thumping baseline and a catchy hook that has become familiar with Warner’s work in the Lab Rats and Hotel Eden.

“I’m not really sure what direction each track is going to go in,” says Warner. “I do know one thing though, the songs going to be beat driven. I’m still bringing the beats.”

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