Lu - Girl Has Issues

Could Columbus be the home of the next musical diva? The answer comes loud and clear from the sultry and seductive starlet Lu.

This elegant gypsy has soul and a voice that can melt you. Her sound is a mix of old-school R&B, modern-day Hip-Hop, and hints of Jazz. Lu’s love for Etta James is very apparent, which makes her groovy-Sade sound identifiable in a sea of over-produced schlock. The girl with the boy’s name also sings like one of the guys, giving the FCC plenty to “bleep” on her debut release Issues. And “bleep” it they might, since her first single, “I Wish,” is starting to get some national attention.

Lu is loyal to the things she loves: her mother, her friends and her hometown. “Screw Lower Akron,” she says gleefully. “It’s Columbus I love.” Her demeanor is charming, but make no mistake about it, if you say the wrong thing, she’ll knock your block off. Just listen to her sweetly sing, “I’ll punch you in the face,” on “Ask Somebody.”

Issues is scheduled for release in the spring of 2006, which means you won’t find Lu under your Christmas tree this year, but you can call your local stations and request “I Wish,” because this girl has it: the look, the moves, the sound and the presence.