Brian Michael Murphy - Still Burning

If you’ve ever seen the Columbus band The Wick, you know already that front man Brian Michael Murphy is not just another singer/rapper.

Murphy is a well-studied, well-read, world traveler who is an observer of life. He brings more to the table than just urban bedlam. He soaks in all aspects of the day and then creates poetic verses that are as entertaining as they are enlightening and biographical. Murphy did his woodshedding with The Wick, a band that infused Hip-Hop with Funk, Rock and Soul. Now, embarking on a solo project, Murphy is using his full name and expanding his unique sound.

What’s to come will be an electronic drum and bass project with a revolving door of musicians. Murphy plans on fusing the talents of his local friends with that of performers from New York City on the project. Influencing the mission will be sounds both new and old, since Murphy is a fan of all genres. “I like early ‘90’s Hip-Hop, but I also like what my parents listened to,” he says.

Even off stage, Murphy is captivating. His words and lust for life are mesmerizing, and even though he’s a young man, it’s apparent he has seen much and is wiser than his years suggest. We can expect a final product from Murphy in the spring of 2006.