Murder Your Darlings

Columbus group Murder Your Darlings come at you like a crazy-eyed, axe-wielding psychopath, just the way we like it.If you like your music hard and aggressive, Murder Your Darlings is the brutal punch you’ve been waiting for.  Their sound is one part Queens Of The Stone Age and one part modern day Misfits.  The self-titled CD is a grizzly crime scene from start to finish – full of vicious beats, thrusting guitars and howling vocals.  

Singer/guitarist’s Eric Mahoney keeps true to the band’s threatening name, penning songs titled “Going To Hell,” “Too Old To Die Young,” and belting out the lyrics, “Our crazies-are crazier-than normal”, on the thumping romp, “Murder County.”  Lead guitarist Scott Bodine is the chalk outline holding the whole scene intact.  He is a player’s player, full of chops.  Drummer Joe Presutti is a non-stop powerhouse, beating the drums like a victim, while bassist Jake Twynham is the lowly henchman, laying down the ominous bottom end thwack.  

Collectively, Murder Your Darlings are brutal in the best possible way, filling a room with riff oriented rock and adrenaline.  The tunes are heavy, but groove enough to make you want to move.  They’re a one-two punch you can’t seem to get away from, or want to.

Not scared enough?  Log onto for more information on their wonderfully-wicked self-titled CD.