The Shatters

Ever wish you were old enough to have experienced what rock-n-roll was like in the late sixties or early seventies?  Well, fear not young hippies.  The Shatters are here to help you experience your own Summer of Love.

The Shatters are Pike Bishop on vocals, Branden Barnett on guitar, Eric Hayes on bass, and Ryan Jewell on drums.  The quartet has a sound drenched in sixties and seventies extravagance: part Stones, part Stooges and part Soul -- straight from Stax Records.  

Bishop’s vocals can be bluesy, raw and raspy—a la David Johanson of The New York Dolls, or drawn out and melancholic like Elvis Costello.  Musically, The Shatters deliver a one-two combo that is groovier than it is trippy.  In the end, you can expect a sound that more closely resembles pre-drug Beatles and Stones than the heavily effected, hallucinogenic music of early Pink Floyd or The Doors.    

Still want the psychedelic experience?  If you’re lucky enough to catch the Shatters at Skully’s, you’ll get it.  Watching the band getting into their music in front of the giant pulsing plasma screen, you’d think you were at the Café Wha? in Greenwich Village, circa 1967.  Drink, dance, stare at the pretty lights and think: “The colors.  Oh, the pretty colors.”  Stare long enough and you might even think Bishop looks a bit like Mr. Mojo Risen.

Visit the band’s My Space page ( and download tracks like Maria, Take It All and Pale for free.  You can also catch the Shatters live at the Basement, next to the PromoWest Pavilion, on August 20th.  Groovy.