Gus Lambros and Electric Mud

Gus Lambros is a monster. From a musician's standpoint,
this is a great compliment. He has the ability to grab a note
and shake it like a jealous lover, or awe you with his rapid,
machinegun--fire gUitar licks. Gus doesn't just play electric
blues; he lives it. He is a beer-slinging, whiskey-drinking
player's player.

Gus, Scott Smally, and Greg Fee. a.k.a. Electric Mud, are to
Columbus what Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble are
to Austin, Texas. Their live show is a must see. You can easily
become a deer in the headlights watching Gus rip and
shred his way up and down the fretboard. It is inspiring and
entertaining. It's what a live show should be.

EM's always on the move. "We're off to Rorida for a weeks
worth of shows during Bike Week," says Lambros.
"Hopefully we'll sell a few CDs and make a few new fans."
With the half-million that attend Bike Week, I'm sure EM will
turn more than a few heads.

Bad Gamble, Electric Mud's first release, is a good bet. "I
played all the instruments, except for the drums, and produced
the CD myself" Lambros tells C Magazine. What Bad
Gamble lacks in major label production, it more than makes
up for with heartfelt wailing.

Tracks 5 and 6 have been on a continuous loop since we got
the CD. They're killer, as are the four live tracks. To purchase
Bad Gamble or check tour dates, log onto www.electricmudband.
com, and do yourself a favor, see the band live. You
won't regret it.