Mike Genovese - In the Loop

Even though the saxophone was his first instrument, the allure and potential of the guitar grabbed Mike Genovese at an early age. So much so that he risked a potential sibling scrap to wrap his fingers around his first fret board and jam out on occasion.

“I used to wait until my stepbrother was gone so I could get my hands on his guitar,” admits Genovese. “It was kind of this forbidden thing that I wasn’t supposed to touch, but I couldn’t help myself.”

Genovese, a local singer songwriter, plays an upbeat blend of Motown lyrics. His distinct vocal style flirts with fellow solo artists Tim Reynolds and David Grey. A self-taught musician, he honed his craft playing open mic nights in Athens while going to Ohio University, eventually working his way up to playing clubs. Armed with one guitar and a looping pedal, Genovese makes it sound like a whole band is behind him.

“I think the looping is something that really makes me a little different than most solo artists out there,” says Genovese. “The crowd can see me tapping on my guitar and setting up the loops up there. It’s something that I got into after seeing how well it worked for other artists.”

Even though he hasn’t been on stage for a long time, Genovese has shared the stage with headlining acts like Lifehouse, Tim Reynolds and Jack Johnson. All he had to do was ask, literally, to get the gigs. “I’ve kind of worked my way up the ladder to get to open for these national acts,” says Genovese. “I really would just ask one act if I could open and then word would spread.”

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