Eulogies frontman Peter Walker - On the Record

When C Magazine editor, Jason Ohlson, heard the Eulogies were going to be in town, he just had to call up Eulogies front man Peter Walker for a quick Q & A.

How set or spontaneous are your live sets?

Peter Walker: There is some rigidity in the formation and arrangement of the song where hopefully I’ll be singing the same verse in the same song, but in absolutely every song there is also validity in the arrangement. We are usually not counting bars in our heads; we are listening. In every different venue and night, everyone is translating things differently.

Has there been a stop on one of your tours where you wish you could have explored more onstage?

Our last show in Columbus at The Basement was such a blast. We are an opening band right now, but I feel like we are almost ready to go play by ourselves. We work really hard to get in front of our own audiences. When you play a 30-minute set, it always leaves you wanting more.

Give up a story that inspired one of your songs.

I’d say “Out of Character.” I usually shy away from putting a spotlight on songs about death, but I wrote this after reading an article in Vanity Fair about an artist in LA. He and his girl were living in New York and he found her after she committed suicide in their apartment. He later killed himself Romeo and Juliet style. I love when I read something or see something in a movie and I’m inspired by a situation rather than a character.

What do you love and detest about the LA music scene?

I love the energy. When you come to LA for the first time as a musician, you can just feel it in the air. I hate that it is hard to connect with the audience here. In other cities, people come out because they want to hear the music; it is not a networking thing like it is in LA.

What rock star would you want to play in a biopic?
Neil Young.