Exceptional Edward - Catchy

One of the hardest things a new band has to do is brainstorm a respectable and catchy moniker. While sitting around the empty New Albany house that was their first practice space, the temporary band mascot, a giant spider that the group had christened with the name “Edward,” came to mind and stuck with them. “I think we all just really liked the name Edward,” says Jason Turner, lead singer and guitarist. “We put exceptional in front of it and we just really liked the alliterative sound. There wasn’t much more to it than that, it just seemed to fit.”

With a sound that takes the best parts of indie rock and congeals it with a strong base in folk music, Exceptional Edward creates songs with catchy effect-laden hooks and strong melodies carried by solid song-writing and intelligent lyrics. “It’s really important to us to put a lot of thought into the lyrics,” says Turner. “We don’t want to peddle out generic lyrics; we want to create something genuine.”

The group came together in a chance meeting of former neighbors at a Sam Ash music store who had similar tastes in music and were looking for an outlet. Turner now plays clubs around town with lead guitarist Dan Gillis and bass player and vocalist Garth Heasley.

With their debut album Lost at Sea already under their belt, the group has started work on a new album that will prove to push their song writing to another level. The bare bones of fourteen to fifteen songs should take shape and be out near December. “We’re trying to work with more complex ideas on this one,” says Turner.

For more information on Exceptional Edward go to www.myspace.com/exed