Wing and Tusk - Story Telling

Most of the time the words behind a song tell the same story of heartbreak or new found love over and over again with little variety. There are the occasional theme albums or exceptions to the rule, but usually not an entire band dedicated to telling stories and little else. Wing and Tusk, one of the more ambitious new Columbus bands, has been running with the idea of writing an entire narrative through their version of epic folk music.

When Josh Rea started writing songs on his acoustic guitar, he didn’t have designs of starting a band until he got a group together to perform his songs for a benefit.

“I can only strum my acoustic guitar so much before it gets kind of boring,” says Rea. “It was so much more interesting to have all of these instruments behind it.”

Rea and a group of friends came together with the idea of writing an album about the story of two monks during the black plague. Rea (guitar and vocals) tells the story with the help of Nat Hagey (guitar) Roseanne Claiborne (keys, vocals and bells), Chris Manis (drums), Sally Polk (violin) and Daniel Bennett (bass).

“As far as bands go, it’s kind of easier to work toward a story than try to each write,” says Chris Manis. “When everyone has a central idea, it just works better in my experience.”

The group eventually hopes to tell the story of the monks through film and use their music as the soundtrack.

“Wherever we play, we’re going to be telling this story,” says Nat Hagey. “If we’re in some little club or some giant hall playing behind actors, we’re going to be telling our story.”

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