Ease the Medic - Off the Hook

The pleasant uneasiness and surprise that is experienced while being tossed through the loud throwback chords of Ease the Medic does not come from your typical verse-chorus-verse band. Drawing much from post-hardcore bands from the late 90s, Ease the Medic creates tracks that border on math rock at times and include a scream or two for good measure.

“We aren’t really big on hooks,” says bass player Eric Payton. “I really think that the whole song should be good. You shouldn’t always be waiting for the hooks to come around.”

Formed in 2005 by the four like-minded members meeting through a local online music classifieds site, Ease the Medic quickly started touring and recorded a five-song EP after only three months of playing together. Drummer Mike Bryant and guitarist Adam Thorburgh met Bassist Eric Payton and then finally vocalist and guitarist Mike Finch to round out the very easygoing, yet focused, group.
“We’ve all come from bands where we were the guys who tried to get everyone going,” says Finch. “I think it really allows us to be serious about things, but really still enjoy being in a band and playing music together.”

After almost four years together and lots of touring through the region, the members of Ease the Medic all have full-time jobs and families, but still find time to write new songs and tour as much as they can. After a long writing process, the group is ready to record a new full-length record that is tentatively scheduled for an August 1st release. Unlike most bands that are always dreaming of the big break, Ease the Medic are somewhat content where they’re at.

“Being in this band and touring is great,” says Thorburgh. “It’s almost like an affair that my wife allows me to have.”

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